Edgemoor Neighborhood

The Edgemoor Neighborhood website is a great resource for all facts about Edgemoor neighborhood. It contains information about the various sections of Edgemoor, including maps of these areas and some historical details. Links are provided to local organizations and resources that may be of interest to residents.

Edgemoor Neighborhood Association (ENA)

The ENA meets quarterly on the first Thursday of September, December and March, with the Annual Meeting held in June. Neighborhood meetings are a time for residents to meet and discuss topics of interest. The ENA Board can have up to 11 members. Currently there are several openings, so if you are a resident of Edgemoor and would like to be on the ENA Board, please let one of us know. The Board meets once in the summer to elect officers and if a special meeting is called.

We hope you can join us at our monthly meetings.

The ENA Board


 Photos of Edgemoor Neighborhood, May 2015

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