ENA 2018 Annual Meeting and followup Board Meeting Summary

The Annual Meeting of Edgemoor Neighborhood Association (ENA) was held on May 31, 2018 at Lairmont Manor. The meeting was attended by 15 people and topics included a lively discussion on the future of ENA. Due to the fact attendance has been quite low at neighborhood meetings, it was decided to hold one annual meeting per year, as per the requirements for a non-profit corporation, and hold special meetings when issues of importance to Edgemoor residents arise. The ENA Board will hold meetings as needed to manage the organization. There are 11 Board positions and currently only 6 are filled. Board members elected at the annual meeting are David LeBow, Sandie Koplowitz, Diane MacLean, Bill Wright, Terry Montoyne, Curt Thor and Bob Gibb (who passed away on July 16, 2018). The complete minutes of the meeting can be read at ENA Annual Meeting 2018.

At the ENA Board Meeting, held on July 29, 2018, elections for officers were held. The new officers are David LeBow, President, Diane MacLean, Vice-President, Sandie Koplowitz, Secretary, Diane MacLean, Treasurer, David LeBow, Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee (MNAC) Rep and Diane MacLean, MNAC Alternate. The ENA Standing Rules were updated and it was noted that the ENA Bylaws will need to be updated in the future to reflect changes to our meeting schedule. We shared our wonderful memories of Bob Gibb’s participation in ENA and we are grateful for his many contributions to our community over the years. The ENA Board voted to send a $100 donation in Bob Gibb’s memory to The Chuckanut Center, located at the recently renovated Caretakers House for the former Fairhaven Rose Garden. Complete minutes of the meeting can be read at ENA Board Minutes July 29, 2018 .




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The Future of ENA…To Be or Not To Be?

I am writing to give you an update about Edgemoor Neighborhood Association (ENA). In 2004, a group of residents formed ENA, a non-profit corporation, to join the group of Bellingham neighborhoods which had recently been designated by the City of Bellingham (COB). During the first few years, there was a great deal of interest in attending monthly meetings. Some of you may remember attending those meetings about topics such as the proposed Chuckanut Ridge development planned for the 100 Acre Woods, now known as the Chuckanut Community Forest Park District. Over the years, a small group of residents have remained active on the board of directors of ENA, but attendance at meetings has dwindled over the years. We are aware that increasing social media (including our own Nextdoor Edgemoor), and our busy lifestyles, have contributed to lack of participation. Consequently, last year the ENA Board decided to no longer invite speakers to attend meetings, and to only hold special meetings in the event a topic of importance to the community arises. The ENA Board has met several times to discuss how ENA can continue to operate without active participants. We have decided to reach out to the Edgemoor community prior to our annual meeting in May and ask for your thoughts on the matter. We ask you to consider these questions:

  1. Is Edgemoor Neighborhood Association a valuable asset to the community?
  2. Are you willing to participate in order to keep the neighborhood association active?
  3. What can we do to encourage participation in the neighborhood association?

If you are interested in reading more about the history of ENA over the years, visit the Edgemoor Conversations blog, at http://edgemoorneighborhood.com/, which contains many articles over the years. The entire list of ENA minutes can be accessed on the Edgemoor Neighborhood website at  http://edgemoorneighborhood.com/ena-minutes/.

Please feel free to contact me or any of the ENA Board members if you have any questions. I hope you will consider becoming involved in Edgemoor Neighborhood Association if you feel it is a valuable asset to the community.

Sandie Koplowitz, ENA President

ENA Board Contacts

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Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Board Meeting, January 7, 2018

ENA Board Meeting – Jan. 7, 2018

Location: Home of Bob Gibb

Attendees: Bob, Terry, Larry, Bill, Sandie, Diane and David

Sandie passed out meeting agenda and letters from Bellingham Neighborhood Coalition, Responsible Development, proposed article from ENA Board for Nextdoor Edgemoor and letter from Bellingham Fire Department, offering CPR classes for neighborhoods.

  • Discussion:Upcoming Jan. 25 Planning Commission meeting where allowing Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (D-ADU’s) in all single-family zones is on the agenda. It has been recommended that ENA send a letter to the Planning Commission regarding this issue. However, the ENA bylaws/standing rules state establishing positions on issues must be discussed/approved by the membership. The question rose whether a poll on Nextdoor Edgemoor would be adequate to achieve this purpose?
  • Larry explained timing. The Planning Commission meeting will be held on Jan. 25. It is likely they will recommend to the City Council to allow D-ADU’s in all single-family zoned neighborhoods. Although we do not have time to plan a neighborhood meeting prior to the Planning Commission meeting, we do have time to schedule one prior to the City Council meeting when the D-ADU topic will be on the agenda. Find out what day is available in February at Lairmont Manor, for a neighborhood meeting, preferably the week of Feb. 19-22. Invite Chris Koch and Ann Mackie to present both sides of the D-ADU issue.
  • Articles to post on Nextdoor Edgemoor and letters from the Bellingham Neighborhood Coalition (asking for signatures) and Responsible Development were discussed. It was decided that Larry would post the letter from RD on Nextdoor Edgemoor and Sandie will post the informational letter with links from both sides, so people can investigate the issue further.
  • The offer of CPR training from the Bellingham Fire Department was discussed. It was decided this will be a benefit to offer this class, perhaps in conjunction with another neighborhood. However, we did not think it would be a good topic for a neighborhood meeting, due to the duration of the CPR class (60-90 minutes).


  • The May ENA neighborhood meeting is the annual meeting. Sandie and Lauri will be stepping down from their positions as President and Vice President. It will be difficult for the neighborhood association to continue without these positions filled. If anyone is interested in joining the ENA Board and holding an office, please contact Sandie Koplowitz, sankop@comcast.net.
  • There is a Bellingham Neighborhood Coalition meeting scheduled for Jan. 11, 6:30 PM, at the main downtown library. The speaker is former Seattle planner, Martin Henry Kaplan, who will be speaking on the topic of D-ADU’s. Reservations required.

Thanks to Bob Gibb for hosting the meeting at his home. Side note: The poinsettia Gretchen won at the ENA meeting in December two years ago is huge and blooming like crazy.

Minutes of the meeting taken by Sandie Koplowitz

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ENA Board Meeting, July 28, 2017

On July 28, 2017, the ENA Board met at the home of Bob Gibb. Bob Gibb, Bill Wright, Diane MacLean, Lauri Grove, Terry Montonye, Barbara Levin, and Sandie Koplowitz attended the meeting.

We discussed the issue of lack of participation in Edgemoor Neighborhood Association. Over the years attendance at neighborhood meetings has dwindled to the point that we no longer feel justified to invite speakers to attend meetings. Only a few residents attend the meetings, so consequently the meetings are attended mostly by board members. As a Board, we agree this is due to the success of the neighborhood social network, Nextdoor Edgemoor. We have also had difficulty filling vacancies on the ENA Board.  Recently, three of the newest members to join the ENA Board or head a committee have stepped away from ENA involvement. Currently there are 7 of the 9 possible ENA board positions filled. Sandie K. announced this will be her last year as ENA President, so after the next annual meeting in May, 2018, when board elections are scheduled, a new president will need to be elected, if Edgemoor Neighborhood Association is to continue.

Motion (Bill) to change ENA meeting format to one annual meeting per year with board or neighborhood meetings held as needed. Second (Lauri). Passed.

Sandie will look into the nonprofit corporation requirements. Lauri and Barbara will look into COB requirements for neighborhood association status. They will report their findings by email.

Motion (Bill) to close the PO Box and change the mailing address for our annual reports to our Treasurer, Diane MacLean, who is the registered agent for ENA. Seconded (Lauri). Passed.

Motion (Bill) to continue to pay all fees and expenses for operation of ENA and website from the organizations cash reserves. Seconded, (Diane). Passed.

Sandie will look into reducing annual expenses for the website at www.edgemoorneighborhood.com.

Discussion was held about safety concerns due to overhanging trees and shrubs in Edgemoor neighborhood. Recently, a survey on Nextdoor Edgemoor identified areas of concern for pedestrian safety. Larry Horowitz and Tom Barrett met with Justin Taylor at the City of Bellingham Public Works department to identify properties with vegetation issues. Public Works would like to send a letter to property owners asking them to address the vegetation issues. Tom Barrett proposed a draft letter from ENA to be included with the letter from Public Works. We discussed the pros and cons regarding including a letter with the letter from Public Works. Concern was raised about possible negative response toward ENA. Lauri mentioned the Briza property owners’ association sent a letter to property owners regarding overhanging trees and shrubs and she was not aware of any negative feedback. Bob mentioned that people who have been identified as having a vegetation issue causing safety concerns may have increased liability if they do not address the issue and anyone should get hurt.

Motion (Bob) to table the discussion to send a letter from ENA with the letter from Public Works until after ENA has had an opportunity to review the letter from Public Works regarding vegetation issues.  Seconded (Lauri). Pass

The meeting was adjourned at 2 PM. Notes taken by Sandie Koplowitz.

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ENA Annual Meeting on June 13 at 7 PM at Chuckanut Center

We hope you will join us for the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting on June 13, 7 PM, at the Chuckanut Center, located at the old Fairhaven Rose Garden. Volunteers have been working for several years to make repairs and improvements to the building, which are now completed. We hope you can come to the meeting in the newly restored facility, enjoy some refreshments and meet some of your Edgemoor neighbors.

The minutes from the last meeting and the agenda for this meeting are included below.

The ENA Board

ENA Agenda June 13, 2017

ENA Minutes March 14, 2017


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Next ENA Quarterly Meeting – March 14, 2017 7-9 PM

The next ENA Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 from 7-9 PM at Lairmont Manor.

There will be several presentations at the meeting:

Officer Eric Osterkamp from the Bellingham Police Department, will talk about Bellingham Neighborhoods Together (BNT), which is a citizen organization of volunteers in partnership with the Bellingham Police Department. The group is committed to a visible public presence to reduce crime, educate residents, and promote safe neighborhoods.

The second speaker, Stoney Bird, will inform us about the efforts around the country where communities are taking legal steps to protect their environment. Visit the CELDF website for more information. There will also be a film, titled “We the People 2.0,” at the Pickford Cinema on March 16, about these efforts in many communities around the country. Tickets must be ordered here in advance. As of today, there are only 30 tickets left, so please get yours soon if you would like to attend.

The second half of the meeting will consist of ENA business and committee reports. A new committee has recently been formed, Edgemoor Pedestrian Safety Committee, and will be reported on by Larry Horowitz. Links to the meeting agenda and minutes from the last ENA meeting are included below.

We hope to see you at the ENA meeting next week.

The ENA Board

ENA Agenda March 14, 2017

ENA Minutes – November 29, 2016


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ENA Quarterly Meeting, Tuesday, Nov. 29, 7-9 PM at Lairmont Manor

December is a busy time for Lairmont Manor, so we have scheduled  our next ENA quarterly meeting for Tuesday, Nov. 29,  7-9 PM.

The ENA meeting will take place during the first half of the evening and then we will enjoy a neighborhood social to celebrate the holiday season for the second half. The ENA Board will bring some festive treats and we are asking all attendees to participate in a Book Swap. Please bring a book or two (or a box) that you have enjoyed and would like to pass on to others. Be prepared to take home at least as many books as you brought to the meeting.

We hope to see you next week at the ENA Meeting, Neighborhood Social and Book Swap!

Happy Thanksgiving!

The ENA Board

ENA Meeting Agenda for Nov. 29, 2016

ENA Meeting Minutes for September 13, 2016




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September ENA Meeting Notice

The next Edgemoor Neighborhood Association meeting will be held this coming Tuesday, September 13 at 7 PM at Lairmont Manor. We have invited three speakers that evening to talk about several important issues. First there will be a brief presentation about the Greenways 4 Levy, which will be on the ballot in November. A representative from the Whatcom County Humane Society will speak about some of the animal control issues we have seen on Nextdoor Edgemoor. A presentation about the the EMS Levy is also on the agenda. We hope you will show your support for your neighborhood association and attend this informational meeting.

We hope to see you on Tuesday night! The ENA Board

September 13, 2016 Meeting Agenda

June 2016 ENA Annual Meeting Minutes

The following links provide more information on the topics listed above:

Greenways 4 Flyer







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ENA Annual Meeting June 14, 7-9 PM at Lairmont Manor

The next quarterly Edgemoor Neighborhood Association meeting, which is also our annual meeting,  is scheduled for Tuesday, June 14, from 7-9 PM at Lairmont Manor. Janet Simpson, from Bellingham At Home will be our speaker. “Bellingham At Home” is a grassroots volunteer organization with a mission to help older adults stay safe, connected,  and in their homes as they age. It’s part of a national ‘village’ movement offering a new way of meeting the needs of many older adults. Launching in Bellingham in July, Janet will explain more about how “Bellingham At Home” works at the ENA Meeting in June.

Each year in June we hold annual elections to the ENA Board. There are currently 9 active ENA Board members, with 2 vacancies. ENA Board members attend 4 quarterly neighborhood meetings per year and a meeting to elect officers from the board, which is held after the annual meeting. ENA Board members keep us informed about neighborhood issues and concerns.

Edgemoor Neighborhood Association does not require dues for membership. However we do need funds for various items, such as meeting expenses, postage, printing, our neighborhood website and software support. Please make a tax-deductible donation to ENA, by printing the donation form below and sending it with your $25 check to ENA, PO BOX 4420, Bellingham, WA 98227. Thanks in advance for your generous support.

ENA Donation Form

The agenda for the next meeting is at ENA Agenda June 14, 2016.

Read the minutes from the last ENA meeting at March 15, 2016 Meeting Minutes.

We hope you will attend the next ENA meeting and join the conversation about local issues and concerns.

Sandie Koplowitz, ENA President, sankop@comcast.net


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March 2016 ENA Meeting Minutes

Here is an excerpt from our March, 2016 ENA meeting minutes, written by ENA Board Secretary, Barbara Levin. Thank you, Barbara, for your excellent report!

“Our speaker for the March ENA Meeting was Public Works Director, Ted Carlson who detailed the city’s neighborhood traffic safety program.  He noted that approximately 1.5 million dollars has been set aside by the city for safety projects. More specifically, the three point program will focus upon sidewalk improvements, neighborhood policing and education.  Regarding speeding concerns, the radar speed trailers were located in specific areas where speeding is a concern and have provided good data.  Examples presented for the Edgemoor neighborhood included data taken on Hawthorne, Fieldston and Willow Roads.  Citing a few examples, the average speed on Hawthorne Road was 28MPH (approximately 1000 cars per day) and 22MPH on Fieldston (approximately 360 cars per day). Willow Road has approximately 1100-1200 cars per day with the speed averaging approximately 33 MPH westbound. 

Questions from attendees at the meeting followed Ted Carlson’s presentation.  Issues concerning the improvement of street lighting  in Fairhaven were discussed.  The city is replacing those street lighting fixtures owned by the city with LED lighting to improve visibility.  Ted Carlson indicated that the radar speed trailers would be set up in Edgemoor at specific locations where speeding concerns exist. Attendees presented suggestions to control speeding in the neighborhood including adding more stop signs at side streets to control speeding, yard signs signaling drivers to control speed, asking neighbors to take a pledge to drive at the correct speed in the neighborhood and continuing to place radar speed trailers in high traffic areas.  Another issue of concern involved cars driving on the wrong side of the road where Briar Road intersects with Bayside Road and perhaps using yellow markers to guide drivers at the intersection.  Identifying speeders by taking photos of speeding cars and forwarding to ENA Board members and police was also suggested.  Ted Carlson provided attendees with a phone number to call with questions/concerns about the specific issues discussed: City of Bellingham Operations Department: 778-7700.”

The rest of the meeting minutes can be read by clicking the March 2016 link on the top of the list on the ENA Minutes page at http://edgemoorneighborhood.com/ena-minutes/ .

We hope to see you at the next ENA meeting, which is our Annual Meeting, scheduled for June 14, 7-9 pm, at Lairmont Manor.

Sandie Koplowitz, ENA President

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