Agenda and Minutes for the September ENA Meeting

We hope you will join us for the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association quarterly meeting on Tuesday, September 22 at 7 PM at Lairmont Manor. Mayor Linville will be our speaker for this quarter’s ENA meeting. The ENA business meeting will commence after the Mayor speaks. See below for the agenda and minutes from the past few ENA meetings.

Meeting documents:

ENA Agenda September 22, 2015

ENA Board Minutes August 15, 2015

ENA Minutes March 5, 2015 (pending approval)



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September ENA President’s Message

The next ENA meeting will be held on September 22 at Lairmont Manor at 7 PM and Mayor Kelly Linville will be our main speaker. Here is a link to the ENA Annual Meeting Minutes – June 2015.

Last year it was decided to change our monthly meeting format to quarterly meetings in September, December, March, and June (Annual Meeting). At each meeting we try to have a presentation about a topic of interest to Edgemoor residents, so meeting dates will depend on the availability of the speaker.

In August the ENA board met and elected officers for the next year. They are:
President, Sandie Koplowitz
Vice President, Lauri Grove
Secretary, Barbara Levin
Treasurer, Diane McLean

My focus, as ENA President, will be to keep Edgemoor residents informed about current events by posting updates on the Edgemoor Conversations blog on our neighborhood website and on Nextdoor Edgemoor.  ENA tries to be informational, rather than political, but we invite viewpoints from all sides of issues to be presented at our ENA meetings, so residents can have good information on which to base opinions.

Many thanks to Lylene Johnson, for her many years of service to ENA on the Board and as outgoing President. We will miss Lylene’s leadership skills and hope to see her at future meetings.

There are currently several positions open on the ENA Board. Please us know if you are interested in serving for a one-year term. With only four neighborhood meetings and one or two additional planning meetings per year, it’s a small time commitment and a great way to become informed about local events.

Our neighborhood website at has been streamlined this summer, combining information about the neighborhood with Edgemoor Neighborhood  Association and the Edgemoor Conversations blog. We encourage residents to submit your favorite photos of the neighborhood, which will be added to a slideshow on the website. Send them to

Nextdoor Edgemoor continues to grow and has become a great format to connect with neighbors and share information. Lost pets are more likely to be found and items for sale seem to find new homes overnight. Members seem to be monitoring their posts very well, but occasionally posts are deleted when deemed inappropriate by the Nextdoor Edgemoor Lead. Currently, I am the Lead for Nextdoor Edgemoor, but we could use a few more people who would be willing to keep an eye on posts for inappropriate content. Let me know if you would like to help.

I hope you enjoyed the many days of sunny weather this summer. See you at the ENA Meeting on Tuesday, September 22 at 7 pm at Lairmont Manor.

Sandie Koplowitz,
ENA President

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Public Hearing scheduled for August 27, 2015

Notice from the City of Bellingham:

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on August 27, 2015 at 7 PM in the City Council Chambers, 210 Lottie Street. The purpose of the meeting is  to consider the changes made to the draft Critical Areas Ordinance as a result of comments received from the public and the Department of Ecology since the first public hearing in January.

More information is available at the City of Bellingham’s website at

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ENA Annual Meeting Summary

Tonight’s 11th Annual Edgemoor Neighborhood Association meeting at Lairmont Manor had a nice turnout of residents who enjoyed an informative presentation by Dave Tucker about Mt. Baker’s volcanic history and what we might expect to happen sometime between now and 1,000 years from now. His book, Geology Underfoot in Western Washington has already sold out of local bookstores, but should be available from Village Books again soon.

At tonight’s meeting, a lively discussion about the future of ENA indicated the organization is still a benefit to residents and is an important connection between Edgemoor neighborhood and the City of Bellingham. Some ideas to encourage participation were to have all the meetings at Lairmont Manor, to have it in conjunction with musical events, to switch the day of the week, since Thursdays tend to be busy meeting nights. These and other ideas will be addressed by the Board at their meeting in July.

Lylene Johnson has been President of the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association for 5 years and has decided to give someone else the opportunity to fill that role. Over the years, Lylene has been a strong advocate for our neighborhood and has provided a calm, professional leadership presence at neighborhood meetings. Hers will be hard shoes to fill. Thank you, Lylene, for your years of service to the neighborhood. We hope to see your smiling face at future ENA meetings.

After tonight’s election to the ENA Board of Directors, there are currently 7 positions filled, which leaves 4 positions available. There will be a Board meeting in July (meeting date/time to be determined) to elect officers and plan the September neighborhood meeting. If you are interested in joining the ENA Board, please let us know. Your ENA Board members for the next year are Sandie Koplowitz, Lauri Grove, Diane MacLean, Barbara Levin, Terry Montoyne, Bob Gibb, and Bill Wright.

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ENA Annual Meeting Notice

We invite Edgemoor residents to attend the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting at Lairmont Manor on Tuesday, 6/2 at 7: 00 PM. Our speaker will be Dave Tucker, geology research associate at Western Washington University and director of the Mount Baker Volcano Research Center, as he discusses his new book Geology Underfoot in Western Washington.

A topic of discussion will be the future of Edgemoor neighborhood association. It’s been over 10 years since ENA was formed and we would love to hear what you think. Do residents want to see ENA continue to operate? Perhaps a neighborhood association is no longer needed with social internet connections so readily available, such as that provided by Nextdoor Edgemoor. If you think a neighborhood association is a valuable asset for the community, please consider joining the board. If you have ideas about how ENA can better serve the neighborhood, please bring your ideas to the annual meeting.

It’s also that time of year for elections. Board members are elected for one-year terms, so up to 11 positions may be filled. Several officers who have been holding positions for quite a few years have indicated they wish to take a breather, so help is needed to fill their shoes.

We hope you can join us on Tuesday evening at Lairmont Manor. Come meet your neighbors, enjoy some refreshments, hear a good speaker and participate in a lively discussion about the future of your neighborhood association.

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Register Now! Youth-designed Volunteer Projects

Mel Monkelis, RSVP Program Director, sent the following information to the Neighborhood today.  The sign up deadline is Friday, so if you know a young person in the neighborhood who could get excited about this, be sure to let them know!  If they need help with a project idea, how about a sign for the Edgemoor Neighborhood?

The Volunteer Center and Communities in Schools have partnered to offer $5,000 in funding to selected youth-designed volunteer projects this summer. This project is called Dream, Design, Create – as it awards youth for dreaming up their own volunteer project in their neighborhood or school.  Funding will be awarded in each student category to include middle school, high school and university level. NEW:Elementary school  students with a dedicated adult project supervisor, may also submit a project. All are welcome.

The parents and grandparents in your associations (and  this might be YOU) might be interested in engaging their kids and grandkids in this funding opportunity.

I’m sure you have some neighborhood projects that could use some love and funding…we’d LOVE to help!

Please see the details below. The deadline for submissions is next Friday. Please don’t’ let that be an obstacle, though! The online project plan submission form could be filled out in minutes.

Key Dates:

·         May 29 – Submission Deadline

·         June 1 – Winning Projects selected

·         June 2 – July 31 – Projects Enacted

Online Submission form and complete details à


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Emergency Preparedness Training Opportunity

We just received the following via the City of Bellingham.  It sounds as though the training is open to everyone.  If you are interested in going, register by using the link below:

I am Bob Jacobson and I work with the Whatcom County Division of Emergency Management as manager of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  I received the following training announcement and thought it might be appropriate to pass on to the various Neighborhood Associations of Bellingham.   I am assuming you are the person who handles coordination with this group.  A “big one” is coming some day.  When it does, the locals are going to have to take care of themselves for a period of time.  How to do this is what we teach in CERT.  I believe preparedness should be a concern of each and every neighborhood.  We had a push for the Map Your Neighborhood program some years ago and that is a good program.  I was thinking that some of the Associations might consider sending people to one of these sessions too.

Bob Jacobson, CERT Program Coordinator

Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office – Division of Emergency Management   778-7163

2015 Spring Emergency Planning Institute    May 5 & 6

Pierce County Emergency Operations Center   2501 S. 35th St. in Tacoma

To register, go to

Pierce County Department of Emergency Management is offering this free two-day class on the basics of the Incident Command System and agency emergency planning, an introduction to the Emergency Operations Center, how to work with first responders in an emergency, and participation in tabletop exercise.

For questions, please feel free to contact

 Sheri Badger, Public Information Officer/

Public Education, Training and High Risk Populations Supervisor

Pierce County Emergency Management

(desk) 253-798-2204  (cell) 253-377-4149

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Vegetation Control – City of Bellingham

Over the past two days there has been a conversation on Edgemoor Nextdoor regarding vegetation and the rights and responsibilities for its control.  I received the attached documents in yesterday’s mail, and the timing could not have been better!

The first is a letter from the City of Bellingham notifying me that I need to cut back vegetation on my property.  It is valuable because it explains the Municipal Code and also provides an email address and phone number for questions.

The second is a brochure explaining “Who’s Responsible for What?”

Click the links and enjoy!




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Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting Details: March 5, 2015

A reminder of the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association meeting March 5th, beginning at 7:00 pm at the Fairhaven Middle School Library.

We  will be hosting Rick Sepler, Planning Director for the City of Bellingham and discussing some neighborhood issues.  Scan the COB Planning Key Initiatives and review the Agenda 3.5.15 here.  There should be some interesting discussion on a variety of topics.

The minutes from the last meeting can be accessed here: ENA Minutes 12-04-14.  They will not be read at the meeting to save time, so please review them in advance.

I look forward to seeing you there!



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Chuckanut Community Forest Meeting March 5, 2015

Official Notice:

The CCFPD will hold another (yes, second one this week) Special Meeting, at the request of our President John Hymas, for the purpose of giving our legal counsel direction on how to proceed regarding the lawsuit against us, Ferlin et al vs Chuckanut Community Forest Park District et. al.
The meeting will be Thursday, March 5, 2015, from 6:00-7:00 PM in the Fireplace Room at the Fairhaven Branch of the Bellingham Public Library. Everyone is welcome to attend, as always, though we will be adjourned to an Executive Session to discuss the legal matters.
The CCFPD_Agenda  is attached to this email.
If you want to read the original and public documents regarding this lawsuit, you may find them at:
and in the box for “Superior Court Case Search” enter our case number “142016944”

Vince Biciunas

Commissioner, CCFPD
PO Box 4283
Bellingham, WA  98227
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