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ENA Meeting Update – Dec 5, 2013

Contributions to the ENA are continuing, which is good.  The primary expenditures are for communication within the neighborhood, so the more contributions received, the more flexibility there is in how your elected representatives can keep you informed.  We also discussed … Continue reading

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Fireworks Initiative to End Noise, Fire Danger

 The following article was submitted by Richard Maneval, who has been active on matters of neighborhood safety here in Bellingham for 19 years.  If you would like him to speak at an ENA meeting, just let me know and we … Continue reading

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City of Bellingham Blockwatcher

The November Blockwatcher is out from the Bellingham Police Department, and, as usual, it has some great information!  Highlights include: How we can spot a drug house and help to shut it down. Tracking offenders and protective orders. Looking up … Continue reading

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Keep Your Eyes Open

I received this email from a neighborhood resident on Thursday, October 27th.  It should be a reminder to all of us to keep our eyes open and to report suspicious activity.      I just wanted to let you know of … Continue reading

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Edgemoor Neighborhood Car Thefts

Just received word that 2 cars were stolen in the Edgemoor Neighborhood Thursday night – one from Linden & the other from Bayside.  At least one other car was broken into.  It sounds as though it is a really good time … Continue reading

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City of Bellingham Blockwatcher

The Bellingham Police Department produces a monthly newsletter with updates on issues and scams currently seen in the city as well as safety tips.  This month’s issue includes articles on Charity Scam Abuse of Vulnerable Adults Road Rage (Are you … Continue reading

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