Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

Quarterly Meeting

December 15, 2015

The meeting was called to order by ENA President: Sandie Koplowitz at 7:00pm at Lairmont Manor.


The ENA Board and attendees introduced themselves.

ENA Official Business:

A motion to approve the September 22, 2015 ENA minutes was made and seconded.   The minutes were approved as written.

Treasurer’s Report:

Diane MacLean, ENA Treasurer, reported that the current balance is: $1423.60.

Evening Speaker: Robert Glorioso: Firefighters’ Union President

Robert Glorioso and co-firefighters were present at the meeting to discuss Fire Safety Issues. Robert Gibb, ENA Board Member presented attendees with a list of current neighborhood Fire Hazard concerns for discussion with the firefighters.

Topics discussed included difficulty for home owners exiting Cul de sac areas in Edgemoor in the event of a fire including Sea Pines Way, South Clarkwood and Fieldston.  The old Georgia Pacific site where blasting is occurring is another concern with trains shipping crude Bakken oil on nearby railroad tracks. The 12th Street Bridge, if ever damaged due to structural concerns or possibly an earthquake, would be another issue of concern for firefighters attempting to reach areas in Edgemoor.  Robert Glorioso recommended that the Life Saving Division of the Bellingham Fire Department be contacted with these issues of concern: 778-8400.

Robert Glorioso responded specifically to the list of concerns noted by Robert Gibb.  The Bellingham Fire Department has received Hazmat Training by specialists due to concerns about the trains carrying oil through Bellingham.  There is a city wide Hazmat Team available to assist with the initial response.  However, assistance from the Coast Guard with many available boats and other nearby area responders may be needed.  Robert stated that BNSF must comply with Federal Regulations rather than local and state regulations. 

A Question and Answer session followed Robert’s presentation.  Robert discussed Basic Life Support systems including the training involved for EMT and Paramedic specialists. Concerning the 12th Street Bridge stability, Robert recommended that the ENA compose a letter to be forwarded to Bellingham City officials regarding the concerns about the dangers involved if the bridge were to collapse impacting life-saving transportation to victims as well as victims in vehicles on the collapsing bridge.


Safety: Neighborhood Police Task Force Report: Officer Erik Osterkamp

Officer Osterkamp reported that Edgemoor has few reports of criminal activities. He did note that there have been reports of thieves stealing packages left on door steps in Edgemoor.  He recommended keeping doorways visible from the street with good lighting at night and also recommended motion sensors.

 Concerning speeding issues that are often a topic discussed at ENA meetings, Officer Osterkamp recommended that the ENA contact Ted Carlson, Director of Public Works for the City of Bellingham, inviting him to be the guest speaker at an ENA meeting where speeding issues can be discussed further.  Specific suggestions to deter speeding in the neighborhood were presented by attendees.  Officer Osterkamp stated that speed bumps can impact the needed speed of emergency vehicles.  Suggestions offered by attendees included: positioning more stop signs at specific corners where speeding is a particular concern, installing solar powered speed limit signs, and having neighbors place “children at play” signs on their property. He suggested that when walking on the roads where no sidewalks exist, walkers should wear reflective clothing to be more visible for drivers. 

MNAC (Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee Report): Diane MacLean:

Diane MacLean reported that speeding vehicles are a specific concern and a committee may be formed to focus on remedies to deter speeding incidents.  Diane will contact Ted Carlson (COB Director of Public Works) to invite him to speak at an ENA meeting.

Communications: Nextdoor Edgemoor-Review Guidelines:

Sandie Koplowitz led a discussion concerning the appropriateness of some of the topics discussed on the Nextdoor Edgemoor site.  A majority of attendees at the meeting suggested that individuals accessing the Nextdoor Edgemoor site should monitor messages on the site and determine whether to read or discard specific messages received on their electronic devices.

Chuckanut Community Park District:

Information was not available at this time regarding the Chuckanut Community Park District.

Old Business: Edgemoor Lagoon Update:

Sandie Koplowitz attended the most recent meeting of the Old Edgemoor Property Owners Association.  Because of the cost of liability insurance, the Association is interested in having the Edgemoor Lagoon become a nature preserve/ corridor rather than a park. They are seeking assistance from organizations that can assist them in creating a nature preserve.

Cul de sac Concerns:

 A recommendation was made that a LID be formed for residents living in Cul de sacs to develop safety procedures when emergency situations occur that may impact exiting from their particular areas.

New Business: Door Prize Drawings were conducted.

Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 9:00PM.

Barbara Levin: ENA Co-Secretary