100 Acre Woods Clean-up on April 28th

As you all know the City has recently purchased ” the 100 acre woods ” or whatever name you wish to call it, as the parks dept. has yet to officially name it. There are a small group of volunteers that have stepped forward to organize a cleanup effort in our new park. Many of us know that there are many old and not so old homeless campsites on the property that need to be addressed. We plan to do just that with the help of the parks dept. They will supply all safety gear such as gloves, safety glasses, litter sticks, trash bags and some instruction on safety. The date for the first clean up will be Saturday April 28th at noon, a three hour event. We will start at the south end first as it is the “dry” section and the sites are smaller and we will have to haul the garbage less far. At this time the City has limited funds and needs help to make this new park a wonderful and safe place to enjoy. Lets pitch in and help our visions for these woods come true. Any potential volunteers can contact me for further details.
John Erickson

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