Access Issues to the Former Fairhaven Rose Garden

 Center for Self Reliance Deer Fence is a Problem

I just received the following email from a member of the neighborhood.  She also sent it to Michael Lilliquist, Chris Comeau and Bellingham Parks.  Feel free to comment by clicking on “Leave a Reply” at the end of this post.  

The small park that the self reliance group has been granted space for their
project is one of the our community’s enjoyable walk ways.

Unfortunately the group has now blocked the public path with a jerry rigged
gate across the path.  Their sign explains that this gate is to keep the
deer out.  It is also keeping the public out of a park supported by their

I am upper body disabled and find it difficult to open the mid path gate of
unsupported fencing.  The permanent gate at the crosswalk end has also been barred from opening lately with a wood board.  I get the feeling that this
public park is now under siege and that the self reliance group considers
that they alone should have the use of this park.

I have two suggestions for them  1.) install the gates with ADA openers. 2.)
fence in the garden they wish to isolate from the deer.

This is the second time I have brought this situation to the attention of
Parks and Rec.  The first was by telephone about a month ago and there has
been no change on the park path.  This walk way is important to me as a
route of exercise and I would like to continue my use of it.

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