Chuckanut Community Forest Meeting March 5, 2015

Official Notice:

The CCFPD will hold another (yes, second one this week) Special Meeting, at the request of our President John Hymas, for the purpose of giving our legal counsel direction on how to proceed regarding the lawsuit against us, Ferlin et al vs Chuckanut Community Forest Park District et. al.
The meeting will be Thursday, March 5, 2015, from 6:00-7:00 PM in the Fireplace Room at the Fairhaven Branch of the Bellingham Public Library. Everyone is welcome to attend, as always, though we will be adjourned to an Executive Session to discuss the legal matters.
The CCFPD_Agenda  is attached to this email.
If you want to read the original and public documents regarding this lawsuit, you may find them at:
and in the box for “Superior Court Case Search” enter our case number “142016944”

Vince Biciunas

Commissioner, CCFPD
PO Box 4283
Bellingham, WA  98227
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