Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Board Meeting, January 7, 2018

ENA Board Meeting – Jan. 7, 2018

Location: Home of Bob Gibb

Attendees: Bob, Terry, Larry, Bill, Sandie, Diane and David

Sandie passed out meeting agenda and letters from Bellingham Neighborhood Coalition, Responsible Development, proposed article from ENA Board for Nextdoor Edgemoor and letter from Bellingham Fire Department, offering CPR classes for neighborhoods.

  • Discussion:Upcoming Jan. 25 Planning Commission meeting where allowing Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (D-ADU’s) in all single-family zones is on the agenda. It has been recommended that ENA send a letter to the Planning Commission regarding this issue. However, the ENA bylaws/standing rules state establishing positions on issues must be discussed/approved by the membership. The question rose whether a poll on Nextdoor Edgemoor would be adequate to achieve this purpose?
  • Larry explained timing. The Planning Commission meeting will be held on Jan. 25. It is likely they will recommend to the City Council to allow D-ADU’s in all single-family zoned neighborhoods. Although we do not have time to plan a neighborhood meeting prior to the Planning Commission meeting, we do have time to schedule one prior to the City Council meeting when the D-ADU topic will be on the agenda. Find out what day is available in February at Lairmont Manor, for a neighborhood meeting, preferably the week of Feb. 19-22. Invite Chris Koch and Ann Mackie to present both sides of the D-ADU issue.
  • Articles to post on Nextdoor Edgemoor and letters from the Bellingham Neighborhood Coalition (asking for signatures) and Responsible Development were discussed. It was decided that Larry would post the letter from RD on Nextdoor Edgemoor and Sandie will post the informational letter with links from both sides, so people can investigate the issue further.
  • The offer of CPR training from the Bellingham Fire Department was discussed. It was decided this will be a benefit to offer this class, perhaps in conjunction with another neighborhood. However, we did not think it would be a good topic for a neighborhood meeting, due to the duration of the CPR class (60-90 minutes).


  • The May ENA neighborhood meeting is the annual meeting. Sandie and Lauri will be stepping down from their positions as President and Vice President. It will be difficult for the neighborhood association to continue without these positions filled. If anyone is interested in joining the ENA Board and holding an office, please contact Sandie Koplowitz, sankop@comcast.net.
  • There is a Bellingham Neighborhood Coalition meeting scheduled for Jan. 11, 6:30 PM, at the main downtown library. The speaker is former Seattle planner, Martin Henry Kaplan, who will be speaking on the topic of D-ADU’s. Reservations required.

Thanks to Bob Gibb for hosting the meeting at his home. Side note: The poinsettia Gretchen won at the ENA meeting in December two years ago is huge and blooming like crazy.

Minutes of the meeting taken by Sandie Koplowitz

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