ENA Board Meeting, July 28, 2017

On July 28, 2017, the ENA Board met at the home of Bob Gibb. Bob Gibb, Bill Wright, Diane MacLean, Lauri Grove, Terry Montonye, Barbara Levin, and Sandie Koplowitz attended the meeting.

We discussed the issue of lack of participation in Edgemoor Neighborhood Association. Over the years attendance at neighborhood meetings has dwindled to the point that we no longer feel justified to invite speakers to attend meetings. Only a few residents attend the meetings, so consequently the meetings are attended mostly by board members. As a Board, we agree this is due to the success of the neighborhood social network, Nextdoor Edgemoor. We have also had difficulty filling vacancies on the ENA Board.  Recently, three of the newest members to join the ENA Board or head a committee have stepped away from ENA involvement. Currently there are 7 of the 9 possible ENA board positions filled. Sandie K. announced this will be her last year as ENA President, so after the next annual meeting in May, 2018, when board elections are scheduled, a new president will need to be elected, if Edgemoor Neighborhood Association is to continue.

Motion (Bill) to change ENA meeting format to one annual meeting per year with board or neighborhood meetings held as needed. Second (Lauri). Passed.

Sandie will look into the nonprofit corporation requirements. Lauri and Barbara will look into COB requirements for neighborhood association status. They will report their findings by email.

Motion (Bill) to close the PO Box and change the mailing address for our annual reports to our Treasurer, Diane MacLean, who is the registered agent for ENA. Seconded (Lauri). Passed.

Motion (Bill) to continue to pay all fees and expenses for operation of ENA and website from the organizations cash reserves. Seconded, (Diane). Passed.

Sandie will look into reducing annual expenses for the website at www.edgemoorneighborhood.com.

Discussion was held about safety concerns due to overhanging trees and shrubs in Edgemoor neighborhood. Recently, a survey on Nextdoor Edgemoor identified areas of concern for pedestrian safety. Larry Horowitz and Tom Barrett met with Justin Taylor at the City of Bellingham Public Works department to identify properties with vegetation issues. Public Works would like to send a letter to property owners asking them to address the vegetation issues. Tom Barrett proposed a draft letter from ENA to be included with the letter from Public Works. We discussed the pros and cons regarding including a letter with the letter from Public Works. Concern was raised about possible negative response toward ENA. Lauri mentioned the Briza property owners’ association sent a letter to property owners regarding overhanging trees and shrubs and she was not aware of any negative feedback. Bob mentioned that people who have been identified as having a vegetation issue causing safety concerns may have increased liability if they do not address the issue and anyone should get hurt.

Motion (Bob) to table the discussion to send a letter from ENA with the letter from Public Works until after ENA has had an opportunity to review the letter from Public Works regarding vegetation issues.  Seconded (Lauri). Pass

The meeting was adjourned at 2 PM. Notes taken by Sandie Koplowitz.

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