ENA President’s Letter – March 2014

The biggest news in Edgemoor this month was the nighttime break in at a home in the Woodlands area while the family was sleeping.  Hopefully we will get an update on that from representatives of the BPD Anti-Crime Task Force at our meeting Thursday.  Beside that was the incident between a car and a young bike rider, which could have been the biggest news, but fortunately, the young man wasn’t hurt.

The incident with the car has once again raised the issue of drivers going too fast through the neighborhood, and one of the agenda items Thursday will be a discussion of what we, as individuals, can do to help control this.  We have discussed it before, but the focus has always been how we can get an agency to do something about the problem.  The focus Thursday is what each of us can do about the problem, so please bring your ideas…or email them to me if you can’t attend, and I will share them for you.  You might approach it from this direction:  if you were accustomed to speeding through the neighborhood, what would get you to stop that behavior?

Along the lines of taking responsibility for neighborhood solutions, our speaker on Thursday will be Jon Shaughnessy.  You may have read his Window On My World essay which was published a couple of weeks ago in the Bellingham Herald.  The focus is on “Aging in Place”, which is very important to many of us who don’t care for the living options we see as we get older.  You can watch the PBS News Hour report which started Jon’s interest in an option which allows older people to remain in their homes.  Go to  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4HCEhS5al8.  It should be a very interesting presentation for all ages.

Also this month, we received the following information from Hollie Moe, at the Volunteer Center of Whatcom County.

RSVP, a program of The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County, is recruiting volunteers to help those in need in their neighborhood. 50 isolated seniors and adults with disabilities are waiting for a volunteer to help with household chores, upkeep, and transportation so that they can maintain their safety and independence.  Volunteers can help make a big difference in just a couple hours a week. Volunteers are especially needed in Bellingham and the Everson area.

The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County mobilizes volunteers to meet community needs, builds capacities of organizations to effectively engage volunteers, and inspires community service.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities in WhatcomCounty, community members can visit www.whatcomvolunteer.org or visit 301 W. Holly St., Suite M-6, Monday-Friday, 10:00 am- 5:00 pm.

Contact:  Hollie Moe, RSVP Director, The Volunteer Center of Whatcom County, holliewvc@gmail.com, (360) 734-3055, www.whatcomvolunteer.org

To review minutes from the last meeting, click on this link February 2014.  And remember, the next ENA meeting is this Thursday, March 6, at 7:00 pm in the Fairhaven Middle School library.  It should be a busy, informative meeting, and I would love to see you there!
Lylene Johnson, Lylene.LJ@gmail.com or 360-303-1327.
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