Hearings Update

All meetings begin at 7:00 on the noted date in City Council Chambers.  Click the links for details.

2.19.15 Planning Commission Hearing will consider a proposal for a new bank building at the corner of Barkley Boulevard and Orleans Street as well as a rezone of the property at 801 Samish Way from Residential, Single to Commercial, Planned, non-retail.

2.23.25 City Council Hearing to take public comment regarding an incentive program for innovative affordable low-income homeownership projects in single-family and multi-family residential zoning districts.  Deadline for comments is in the link.

3.19.15 Planning Commission Hearing will consider amendments to the Samish Neighborhood Plan and the Bellingham Municipal Code affecting a site abutting Ashley Street and generally north of Byron Avenue, east of the WWU Park-n-Ride and south of Lincoln Creek.  Site maps & photos are included in the link.

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