Info on Chuckanut Community Forest Proposal

I have recently become aware of opposition to the proposed Municipal Forest District proposal relative to the Chuckanut Community Forest.  To maintain the ENA’s intent of providing information on all sides of an issue, following are links I have received to documents and websites regarding formation of the District.  If I have missed something, please email it to me at and I will post it.  Please feel free to comment.  Information is posted in the order it is received.   Part 1    Part 2    Part 3   Part 4

Marci Haskell submitted the following for posting:

This website shows the statutory definition of what a Metropolitan Park District (MPD) is.  
-The proponents of the MPD say (and believe) it will only go for 10 years, which is not true.  Once an MPD is formed, it doesn’t just go away, see RCW 35.61.310
-The proponents are saying (and believe) the MPD is for the purpose of paying the loan that we came up short for.  That is not true.  An MPD is a taxing district that can buy and sell land, inside and outside of the taxing district.  It can asses additional taxes for the maintenance of such land as well.  It doesn’t go away after the loan is paid off.
Southsiders are signing up to pay the bills of this newly formed MPD for years to  come, if this passes.
A NO vote for the MPD is not a No vote for the forest.  There is a better way to pay for the shortfall.  Please vote NO on the MPD. 
Information provided by Bill Geyer – Letter from Whatcom County Auditor
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