January ENA Meeting Summary

Following is a summary of the Edgemoor Neighborhood meeting held Thursday, January 3, 2013.  These are not formal minutes, just information to help keep you informed.

Communitywise Bellingham Outreach Presentation

  • Shannon Wright first explained the purpose of the group.  It is a collector of information regarding the Gateway Pacific Terminal project.  It is neither for nor against the project, and has board members on both sides of the issue.  The basic concept is that good information helps one to make good decisions, and good questions during the scoping process will produce an environmental impact statement which accurately reflects the issues and assures they are addressed.  Toward that goal, they have commissioned studies by experts in a variety of fields to determine what needs to be known.
  • Shannon talked specifically about questions applicable to the Edgemoor neighborhood, which are reflected in the draft scoping request posted here January 5th.  It was a most interesting presentation, not only on potential Edgemoor impacts, but on the scoping process in general.

Christopher Grannis attended to request help (financial or/and volunteer) in getting out the vote for the Chuckanut Community Forest District.  The vote is February 5th, and there will be a send off gathering for the campaign January 12th at the Firehouse from 7 to 9 pm.   If you would like further information, go the website at www.chuckanutcommunityforest.com.

John Erickson reported on the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Committee meeting.  They had a presentation from the House to Home program, which helps homeless people get into permanent homes, an explanation of the city website, and a discussion of the possible application of the infill toolkit to more areas.  We decided we would like to know more about the website and the toolkit, so Michael Lilliquist is tentatively scheduled to speak regarding the toolkit at our February meeting.

John further reported he has had no response as yet from Washington Dept of Transportation regarding the speed limit on a portion of Chuckanut Drive.  He suggested it could be helpful to combine forces with the Fairhaven Middle School PTA to address traffic issues within the neighborhood.  They were instrumental in getting the traffic light installed at the 5 way intersection by the school a number of years ago.

Jim Koplowitz has volunteered to set up the clean up along the tracks…stay tuned for details.

We voted to donate $500 to the Center for Local Self Reliance to help in the restoration/rebuilding of the caretaker’s house.

Our next meeting will be Thursday, February 7th.  Would love to see you there!


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