Keep Your Eyes Open

I received this email from a neighborhood resident on Thursday, October 27th.  It should be a reminder to all of us to keep our eyes open and to report suspicious activity.

     I just wanted to let you know of a small incident this morning and the results.
     As I am making coffee this morning around 7:30ish, I heard something out front that sparked my attention, opened the blinds, and went out on my front deck.  There is a guy just wandering down the middle of the street dressed in a baggy black coat with something white on the back, baggy black pants, and a black stocking cap.  It looked like he was watching my neighbor across the street getting into the car and leaving the house.  It was too late for the high schoolers, too early for the middle schoolers, I didn’t recognize him, and he didn’t look the part of someone out for a walk or walking a dog.  So, I called 911 and reported it quite tentatively thinking that he was maybe stalking their house.
     Then I called my neighbor to see if anyone was home.  She was there and I told her the story.  She said that it was her high school daughter that was leaving at that time.  She called her daughter, after not getting any response to several texts.  Her daughter was quite upset and apparently the guy had walked up the drive way and started talking to her is a very suggestive way.  My neighbor called 911 to report that and was told that an officer was talking with the guy I had reported.  The officer said that the guy was “bad news” and that he had arrested him several times before.  The officer also said that the guy was quite high.  Apparently, he had something to do with a house the officer described as a “drug house” that they have been watching for a while.  The police suspect they are the people responsible for a number of car prowls in the neighborhood.
     I thought I should let you know that so we could all keep a closer eye out for things going on.

We are our own first line of defense in protecting our welfare and property.  If you see something suspicious, report it.  Our tips can provide information the authorities need to put a stop to illegal activities.  They can’t be everywhere at once.

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