Lummi Island Quarry Expansion Update

In October, we posted information regarding the proposed Lummi Island Quarry Expansion.  We recently received the following update.  If you would like to attend a presentation regarding the project at an Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting, leave a comment at the end of this post or contact  If there is sufficient interest, we will schedule a presentation. 

I want to thank you for posting the information about the proposed expansion of the quarry on Lummi Island.   During the fall several new developments have taken place. 

First, a website has been created to present the latest developments regarding the MRL proposal.  That website is   We would appreciate it if you could include a link to that website.   Second, we have put together a video that outlines the principal issues associated with the quarry operations.  This video can be accessed on the website.  Here is a short list of the recent developments.

  1.  The Lummi Island Conservancy had filed an appeal of the Whatcom County Planning Department conclusion that there would be no significant environmental effects associated with the zoning change (Rural Forestry to Mineral Resource Land, MRL).  Late in the fall the county asked the quarry operators to provide a revised SEPA, which they did.  There are  modest differences in this revised SEPA, but the effect of the revision is to start the comment period over again and the Hearing Examiner scheduled to review the previous appeal has been cancelled.  We have until January 10th to submit comments about the revised SEPA.  
  2. The quarry operators have dropped their appeal of the boundary violation issued by the county. In doing so they are admiting that they have not been in compliance with the existing MRL boundaries and are to make adjustments in the activity around the actual mine pit.
  3. In November, the shoreline management group in the Whatcom County Planning Department issued a notice of violation regarding the construction of the loading facilities at the quarry. When they built this facility in 2006-2007 they did not have a permit.   They have 30 days to initiate a remedial permit application.
  4. There has not been any progress in the application for a water right serving the quarry.  They are still using water for operations without a water right or permit.

The activity around this MRL zoning proposal will be continuing through much of 2012.  We want to make sure that the residents in the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association are fully aware of these developments.  The new website is intended to provide that informaiton.  If you and the other board members think a presentation at one of your meetings would be helpful then let us know.    Kent Nielsen

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