March 2016 ENA Meeting Minutes

Here is an excerpt from our March, 2016 ENA meeting minutes, written by ENA Board Secretary, Barbara Levin. Thank you, Barbara, for your excellent report!

“Our speaker for the March ENA Meeting was Public Works Director, Ted Carlson who detailed the city’s neighborhood traffic safety program.  He noted that approximately 1.5 million dollars has been set aside by the city for safety projects. More specifically, the three point program will focus upon sidewalk improvements, neighborhood policing and education.  Regarding speeding concerns, the radar speed trailers were located in specific areas where speeding is a concern and have provided good data.  Examples presented for the Edgemoor neighborhood included data taken on Hawthorne, Fieldston and Willow Roads.  Citing a few examples, the average speed on Hawthorne Road was 28MPH (approximately 1000 cars per day) and 22MPH on Fieldston (approximately 360 cars per day). Willow Road has approximately 1100-1200 cars per day with the speed averaging approximately 33 MPH westbound. 

Questions from attendees at the meeting followed Ted Carlson’s presentation.  Issues concerning the improvement of street lighting  in Fairhaven were discussed.  The city is replacing those street lighting fixtures owned by the city with LED lighting to improve visibility.  Ted Carlson indicated that the radar speed trailers would be set up in Edgemoor at specific locations where speeding concerns exist. Attendees presented suggestions to control speeding in the neighborhood including adding more stop signs at side streets to control speeding, yard signs signaling drivers to control speed, asking neighbors to take a pledge to drive at the correct speed in the neighborhood and continuing to place radar speed trailers in high traffic areas.  Another issue of concern involved cars driving on the wrong side of the road where Briar Road intersects with Bayside Road and perhaps using yellow markers to guide drivers at the intersection.  Identifying speeders by taking photos of speeding cars and forwarding to ENA Board members and police was also suggested.  Ted Carlson provided attendees with a phone number to call with questions/concerns about the specific issues discussed: City of Bellingham Operations Department: 778-7700.”

The rest of the meeting minutes can be read by clicking the March 2016 link on the top of the list on the ENA Minutes page at .

We hope to see you at the next ENA meeting, which is our Annual Meeting, scheduled for June 14, 7-9 pm, at Lairmont Manor.

Sandie Koplowitz, ENA President

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