March ENA Meeting Update

The official meeting minutes will be out shortly, but here is an overview of the most recent Edgemoor Neighborhood meeting.

John Erickson attended the first Mayor’s Advisory Committee held by our new mayor, Kelli Linville, and was favorably impressed.  She will be running the meetings, so there will be more opportunity for direct input from the neighborhood representatives.  The committee’s role in vetting proposed development plans will probably be changing, which John felt would be a positive move.

The bylaw changes and standing rules of procedure were accepted, so that is a major project finished.

The Neighborhood Plan was reviewed for accuracy and Lylene submitted it to the city for docketing the Friday following the meeting, so the next stage of the process has started.

The annual meeting was discussed.  It will be held at Lairmont Manor on June 7th, and we are contacting several interesting speakers.  Will let you know when the program is set.  It will be pretty simple…the speaker, elections, refreshments and some time to visit.

It was also decided to have a neighborhood party/gathering in the latter part of August to mark National Night Out Against Crime as well as have some fun.  Laurie Grove and Lidia Tillman-McAdoo are heading up the committee, so contact them with input or offers of help.  Several locations are being considered.

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