Neighborhood Sergents Anounced

Every year the BPD assigns two officers to each neighborhood. For non-emergency problems they are the people to talk to. As always in an emergency call 911.

2013 Community Outreach Sergeants
Neighborhoods Sergeants
Cordata, Meridian, King Mountain
Birchwood, Cornwall Park, Columbia, Lettered
Streets, Sunnyland
Dennis James: 360-778-8683,
Claudia Murphy: 360-778-8834,
Irongate, Barkley, Roosevelt, Alabama Hill, Silver
Puget, Whatcom Falls, York, Sehome
Jay Hart: 360-778-8678,
Jon Gutierrez: 360-778-8675,
South Hill, Happy Valley, Fairhaven, Edgemoor,
South, Samish
Ken Brown: 360-778-8822,
Mike Scanlon: 360-778-8757,
CBD Carr Lanham: 360-778-8694,
Dave Richards: 360-778-8627,
Police Department Main Line: 360-778-8800

Ken Brown and Mike Scanlon are the same officers as last year, it’s great to have them back. At a future ENA meeting I will try to have them come by for a meet and greet.

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