Nextdoor Edgemoor Neighborhood Guidelines

 We created Nextdoor because we believe that a neighborhood is one of the most important and useful communities in a person’s life.

We believe in the traditional notion of neighbors as people who help and look out for each other. We hope that Nextdoor members embrace the concept of being neighborly to each other.

To us, being neighborly includes:

Respecting your neighbors

  • Be honest, authentic, and straightforward in all actions
  • Show tolerance to each other, even if you don’t share similar opinions
  • Post your opinions about issues – not about your neighbor’s position on those issues
  • If you write a post when you are angry or upset, wait until you are calm (or have someone else read it) before pushing the send button
  • Don’t share content from the website outside of the neighborhood without your neighbors’ permission

Sharing useful information

  • Answer your fellow neighbors’ questions
  • Report crime and emergency alerts
  • Post weather and traffic bulletins
  • Discuss community-wide issues
  • Publicize neighborhood events

Supporting your neighborhood

  • Recommend great local businesses and service providers (without spamming)
  • Sell, share, or donate products that you no longer need
  • Strengthen the community by inviting your neighbors to Nextdoor

 Any neighbor can flag a post if they feel it is inappropriate or abusive.

Posts that do not respect the above guidelines will be deleted.