October Meeting Summary

The formal minutes will be coming out later, but just in case you want to know right now what happened on the meeting October 4th, here is a summary.

John Erickson reported on the most recent MNAC (Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Council) meeting.  It looks like the role of MNAC is going to change.  As first established, apparently its primary function was to provide input to the city on plat proposals.  No one seems to be happy with the way that has developed…a suit was threatened against representatives last year…so the charter may be changed so the purpose is more of providing general input to the city administration.  If there is an issue we want brought before the city, John is our access.

John had a discussion with Steve Hogan at the city regarding traffic issues like speeding.  Basically, it sounds as though speed limits are not changed unless there is a catastrophic accident…”could be” doesn’t count.  He also talked with Ken Brown and discovered that 2 areas in Edgemoor are high on the list to get sidewalks…although that doesn’t mean it will happen soon, due to budget constraints.  Those 2 areas are the west side of Hawthorne to 12th St and the west side of Chuckanut from Willow.  In discussion, the group convinced him to go back and ask about the possibility of speed bumps and the speed indicator sign visiting us more often.

Lylene has an appointment with Moshe Quinn, the planner who reviewed our neighborhood plan when we submitted it for docketing.  The goal is to get recommendations about changes he feels are needed.  More on that later.

We also talked about potential speakers…Lylene thinks she has a good one…more about that when it is confirmed.

The primary discussion was regarding guidelines for use of Nextdoor Edgemoor.  The developers and providers of the site have a set of guidelines posted.  If one scrolls all the way to the bottom of any Nextdoor page, you will see a horizontal list of topics, one of which is “Guidelines”.  We felt they were very good, and will call them to everyone’s attention via a post on Nextdoor.  There were a couple additions we thought could be helpful, so Edgemoor’s personalized Nextdoor guidelines are on the new blog page, titled Nextdoor Edgemoor Guidelines.

Also regarding Nextdoor Edgemoor, we thought it could be helpful to do regular posts of Nextdoor features to help us all use it more effectively.  If you  discover a new feature, please share it with everyone else. 

We will start doing a link to the newsletter in the notice of an upcoming meeting, just in case you aren’t getting that email.  If you would like to be on the newsletter email list, contact Sandie Koplowitz.

We had a brief discussion of city issues:  it looks as though enough signatures were gathered to get a vote regarding the formation of a park district for the Chuckanut Community Forest on the ballot, and input is being gathered for scoping questions regarding the Gateway Pacific project.

You should come to a meeting and try us out.  We talk about serious things, but we also laugh a lot, and I always learn something new.  Would love to see you!


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