We’re Looking for a Party Animal!

Secretary Lauri Grove will be posting a draft of the formal minutes for the September 15th meeting shortly, but I thought I would give you an inside look at some of the discussion.  Read on…the headline will make sense later!

Major topics were bylaw revisions, Neighborhood Plan implementation and improving communication in the neighborhood.  I’ll give you a hint…the last one is going to be the most fun!

After a quick review of selected bylaw sections, it was obvious to all that they no longer reflect the way the ENA operates.  The provisions defining who can vote, what constitutes a quorum, composition of the board of directors, when and how meetings are held, under what conditions the board can represent a position on the part of the neighborhood…these bylaws and others have not been followed for some time because the organization has changed.  A committee consisting of Lauri Grove, Sandie Koplowitz, Diane MacLean and Lylene Johnson will begin drafting an amended version…and they would love input or additional members.  Just comment on this post or email info@edgemoorneighborhood.com to get your 2 cents in or offer to help.

After working literally for years to update the Edgemoor Neighborhood Plan and then having it approved by our members, it was disheartening to learn that the earliest it can possibly be accepted by the city is July of 2013.  However, in discussion Thursday evening, we decided there is no reason we can’t start now to accomplish the action items identified in that plan.  They are important to us, regardless of how the city may view them.  We will be discussing them at our meetings…just one or two at a time…to see how we can add “action” to the plan.  If there are specific things about which you are passionate, call any board member, send a comment to the blog or email info@edgemoorneighborhood.com.  Those action items raising the most interest are where we will start.  I’ll let you know the topic for the upcoming meeting in the President’s Letter just prior.

And now the fun part!  A neighborhood association isn’t just about bylaws and planning and serious issues.  It is also about providing a place to meet our neighbors and learn how cool they are…how like us or how interestingly different.  It is about really becoming a neighborhood…people who know each other, work together to make their living space better and can enjoy a laugh together.  The website provides information, the blog provides information and gives everyone a chance to talk about it, but really getting to know and appreciate each other takes some face time.  Beginning with our next meeting, business will be over by 8:30.  The remaining 30 minutes will be devoted to visiting, sharing or continuing an earlier discussion…there might even be a before bedtime snack to share.  And sometimes, we won’t even have a meeting…we’ll have a party!  So…we need people who know how to throw a party…because the board doesn’t seem to be so good at that.  If it sounds right up your alley, call, comment or email…we would love to hear from you!

Remember…October meeting is the political forum sponsored by the Coalition of Southside Neighborhoods at the Firehouse, October 6.  Doors open at 6:30, formal discussion starts at 7:00 and it’s all over at 9:00.  See you there!

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