May 6, 2024 – ENA Annual Meeting

There will be an Edgemoor Neighborhood Association (ENA) Annual Meeting on Monday, May 6th for a 6:30 pm social, 7:00 pm meeting, at Lairmont Manor, 405 Fieldston Road. The ENA has been busy and has much to report. A presentation on Disaster Preparedness will be given by Greg Hope, City of Bellingham, and Ham radio operator, Joseph Trimble. Other topics will include an update on the proposed subdivision on Viewcrest Road, a Small and Simple Grant report and our annual Board of Director elections.

We hope to see you at the ENA Annual meeting on Monday, May 6th at 6:30 pm.

The ENA Board of Directors

We have two vacant seats on the Board. If you are interested in joining, please let us know by sending an email to .

Link to Meeting Agenda

Link to Annual Meeting Minutes 2023

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Edgemoor Neighborhood Sign Concepts

The ENA Sign Committee has worked with graphic designer, Bradley Lockhart, to create three final sign concepts for Edgemoor Neighborhood. Comments on the previous sign design were considered and elements of water, islands, an eagle and sailboat were added along with a more welcoming and authentic representation of the black tailed deer in our neighborhood. Once the final decision is made, the sign committee will work with Public Works to get sites at entrances to our neighborhood approved, printed and installed.

If you are on Nextdoor, please sign in and vote on your favorite (include link to post). The poll will be live for one week to give everyone time to weigh in. If you do not utilize Nextdoor Edgemoor, you can send an email to and choose one of the following.

  1. Eagle, Sailboat and Black Tailed Deer
  2. Sailboat and Black Tailed Deer
  3. Eagle and Black Tailed Deer

Thank you for taking time to vote on your favorite.

The ENA Board

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Edgemoor Neighborhood Sign Concept, 2023


In November of 2023, the Edgemoor Neighborhood Sign Committee, working with graphic designer, Bradley Lockhart, presented several sign concepts to the Bellingham Arts Commission. The concept showing a deer in the woods, with mountains and sun in the background, was approved. The sign concept was posted on Nextdoor Edgemoor asking for comments and suggestions. Responses mentioned the deer image does not accurately represent the black tail deer residing in our neighborhood, along with requests to include water, islands, a boat and eagle. These comments were relayed back to Bradley asking him to incorporate these comments in the sign. Once the sign is approved it will be printed and installed at various entrances to Edgemoor neighborhood, as determined by Bellingham Public Works. Future sign proposals will be posted soon.

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Minutes from ENA Meeting 10/23/2023

Edgemoor Neighborhood Association (ENA) Meeting  – October 23, 2023, 7-9 pm

Neighborhood Meeting at Lairmont Manor: The first in person neighborhood meeting since 2019 was presided over by ENA Secretary, Sandie Koplowitz. There were 40 attendees at the meeting, including ENA Board members. Light refreshments were served. ENA business agenda items were moved to the end of the meeting.

Small and Simple Grant: The ENA received a $5,000 Small and Simple Grant from the City of Bellingham to send a newsletter and postcard to Edgemoor residents, provide a neighborhood social at Bayside Swimming Club, and create neighborhood signs which will be posted at major entrances to Edgemoor Neighborhood.

Newsletter Report: Sandie reported the newsletter was sent by postal mail in July 2023 to 884 homes. Mailing labels were provided by Tracy Lewis, assistant to the Mayor. Postage cost for 900 stamps was $594 and printing cost for 1000 trifold, double-sided, prints with two tabs was $335.10 from Applied Digital on James Street. We only received 8 “return to sender/unable to forward” newsletters. We received 20 “help keep our mailing list current” forms and added 24 new email addresses to our Mail Chimp email list. ENA received $315 in tax-deductible contributions.

Neighborhood Pool Party: Kate Covell reported the Pool Party was attended by 16 residents with one guest family of 6 who had the pool to themselves. It was a chilly and misty evening, which accounted for the small number of attendees.

Neighborhood Sign: Barbara Zielstra thanked those who submitted comments about the proposed Edgemoor Neighborhood sign, which will be posted at entrances to the neighborhood. For those who haven’t noticed the new Fairhaven Neighborhood sign, there is one located on the right just after turning onto Cowgill from Hawthorn. A graphic artist has been hired who designed the sign for the Roosevelt neighborhood. Sign concepts must be approved by the Bellingham Arts Commission prior to implementation. Ideas will be posted on Nextdoor for feedback from residents.

Update on the Jones subdivision, aka The Woods at Viewcrest: Larry Horowitz presented an excellent Power Point presentation outlining the environmental issues of concern in Mud Bay and the cliffs along the waterfront. Visit to view videos of the area.

Chuckanut Community Forest Parks District: Barbara Zielstra reported The Chuckanut Community Forest Park District has achieved its goals and has dissolved as of September 21st, 2023. Read more at and

Mayors Neighborhood Advisory Commission (MNAC): Emergency Planning – Bill Beer shared information on disaster preparedness. Visit for more information.

LED School Signs: Barbara Zielstra reported that due to community response, the proposed LED sign for Lowell Elementary School has been placed on hold.

Metal Shredder Proposal: Bob McCarthy reported there are efforts to stop the proposed metal shredder from being established on Marine Drive. There are also efforts to fight the scrap metal pile at the Port of Bellingham. Since established, South Hill and other residents have complained about the noise and dust caused by activity at the scrap metal pile. You may have noticed the “Don’t Shred on Bellingham” signs posted around town. Visit for more information.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob McCarthy reported on the following income and expenses:

  • Account balance as of 23 October:  ~$975
  • Contributions to ENA:  $340 (thank you!)
  • Expenses:
  • Website:  $150 (reimbursed by city)
  • Registration with Secretary of State:  $20 (will be reimbursed by city)
  • Costs for Newsletter and the party this summer:  $974.33 (will be reimbursed by city as part of Small and Simple Grant program)
  • Deposit on design for sign:  $225 (will be reimbursed by city as part of Small and Simple Grant program)

Minutes: The minutes from the previous ENA Meeting were approved.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Submitted by ENA Secretary, Sandie Koplowitz

  • Current ENA Board Members:
  • Sandie Koplowitz, ENA Secretary
  • Bob McCarthy, ENA Treasurer
  • Bill Beer, MNAC Representative
  • Barbara Zielstra, MNAC Alternate
  • Larry Horowitz, Planning and Land Use Chair
  • Terry Montonye
  • Paul Scott
  • Bill Wright
  • Kate Covell
  • Lincoln Vander Veen
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Edgemoor Neighborhood Meeting at Lairmont Manor

Monday, October 23, 2023    7:00–9:00 p.m.

Please join us for our first in person neighborhood meeting in three years as we share topics of interest about our local community…

  • Update on the Edgemoor Neighborhood Small and Simple Grant from the City of Bellingham
  • Presentation by Protect Mud Bay Cliffs on the proposed new Viewcrest Road subdivision
  • Update from the last Mayors Neighborhood Advisory Commission meeting

…and more.

The meeting agenda and previous meeting minutes for review are included below.

October 23, 2023 Meeting Agenda

ENA Annual Meeting Minutes 20230216

Feel free to come a few minutes early to socialize prior to the meeting.

We hope you can join us!

The Edgemoor Neighborhood Association (ENA) Board

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Hello, Neighbors!

ENA (Edgemoor Neighborhood Association) has some great news!

The Edgemoor Neighborhood Board applied for and received a Small & Simple Grant from the City of Bellingham to improve neighborhood communication and develop a stronger sense of community. A portion of the grant was used to mail a newsletter to all Edgemoor homes to introduce the projects we have designed to improve our neighborhood and enhance our feeling of place. We welcome your participation as the more you engage, the more the association can truly represent our community.

Neighborhood Signs

Perhaps you’ve noticed the new Fairhaven Neighborhood signs recently installed? We loved the idea, and a portion of the Small and Simple Grant will go towards the design and production of a unique sign representing Edgemoor Neighborhood. These signs will be placed at the entrances to our neighborhood and will help define our unique setting. We will also use the new design for our meeting signs to remind everyone of upcoming meetings.

  • What would you like to see on our sign?
  • What images do you think reflect our neighborhood?

The Board would love to have your ideas. If you have graphic design skills, would you be willing to help with this project? All ideas are welcome. Because the signs will be installed along the streets, the size of the sign must meet the City’s 24” x 36” (portrait format) requirements. Please send your ideas and designs to .

Pool Party at Bayside Swimming Club

  • Saturday, August 5th – 9:00 to 11:00 pm.
  • Drinks and light snacks will be provided

We have planned this social event to meet one another and make a splash! Please add our Pool Party to your calendar and join in the summer fun. Bayside Swimming Club limits the number of participants, so please RSVP at your earliest convenience to .

You will receive an email confirmation as your “invitation” to the party. Guests will be asked to sign in when arriving.

Come join us to meet old friends and make new ones. Edgemoor has many new neighbors, and this will be a fun event to welcome them. Sign up now – don’t wait as space is limited and you don’t want to miss out.

New Viewcrest Road Subdivision (aka Woods at Viewcrest)

More than a year ago, developers submitted applications for a 38-lot subdivision on the steep, forested slopes overlooking North Chuckanut Bay. In response, Protect Mud Bay Cliffs (PMBC) was formed to minimize the adverse impacts on the environment and local residents.

After multiple application extensions, the process began moving forward again on June 20th when the developers responded to the City’s Request for Information. Because of a new state law that allows quadplexes on all single-family lots, the potential for development is 152 multi-family units. Once the City issues its Notice of Application, the public will have 30 days to submit comments. Please take the time now to become engaged by learning about the project.

Visit for more information and to sign up for email updates. PMBC can be reached at .

Next Neighborhood Meeting at Lairmont Manor

Monday, October 23, 2023    7:00–9:00 p.m.

Please join us for some social time and to join the conversation as we:

  • Review designs for our new neighborhood signs
  • Provide an update on the new Viewcrest Road subdivision on the cliffs overlooking Mud Bay
  • Share information from the most recent Mayors Neighborhood Advisory Commission meeting

Help keep our mailing list current

We appreciate your help keeping our mailing lists up to date. If you have not already done so, please add your email address to our mailing list (upper right-hand side of this page) to receive information about upcoming meetings and events. If you would like to include a donation, these funds will help with business expenses such as corresponding with Edgemoor residents and the neighborhood website. Send your contact details along with your optional tax-deductible donation to:

Edgemoor Neighborhood Association

C/O ENA Treasurer, Bob McCarthy

217 Middlefield Road

Bellingham, WA 98225

You can also share your comments, ideas, and suggestions with the ENA Board, so please let us know what’s on your mind. Email us at .

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ENA Annual Meeting Summary, February 16, 2023

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting held last week via Zoom. At one point there were 76 attendees which is our largest online participation ever. There were presentations on proposed changes to City and State Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and Zoning regulations, an update on the Chuckanut Community Forest Park District, and the proposed Jones Development, The Woods at Viewcrest.

A request was made at the meeting about how to submit public comments on the City of Bellingham’s proposed ADU ordinance (Agenda Bill 23608). Instructions can be found at

Our new Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Council (MNAC) Representative is Bill Beer and the MNAC Alternate is Barbara Zielstra. We would like to thank Barbara Zielstra and Kate Covell, who joined the ENA Board. There are several board positions available, so please let us know if you are interested in participating in the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association. Our email address is

The complete meeting minutes are posted online at ENA Annual Meeting Minutes 2/16/23.

The meeting was recorded and can be viewed at

Julia Lerner, a reporter for Cascadia Daily News, attended the meeting and wrote an article. Check it out at 2/17/23 Cascadia Daily News article “Future unclear for proposed 38-lot development on Mud Bay”

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ENA Annual Zoom Meeting, February 16, 6:30-8:30pm

The Annual Meeting of the Edgemoor Neighborhood Association (ENA) will be held via Zoom on Thursday, February 16, 6:30 -8:30 pm

Join Zoom Meeting

There will be three informational presentations:

1. How will the proposed citywide Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) and statewide single-family zoning regulations impact Edgemoor residents?

Citywide ADU informational links:

Staff Memo re: Revision to Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations & Process

Bellingham City Council Meeting, January 23, 2023: “For Consideration of an Ordinance Amending Accessory Dwelling Unit Regulations and Process.” Video of Bellingham City Council meeting on January 23, 2023

Statewide single-family zoning regulations informational links:

State Bill: HB 1782 An ACT Relating to creating additional middle housing near transit and in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing

Bill to rework Washington’s single-family zoning advances ahead of deadline

State housing bills a battleground for local control vs. density

Bill to ease Washington’s housing crisis would allow up to fourplex on all residential lots

2. Update on the Chuckanut Community Forest Park District (CCFPD)

Christopher Grannis will present a short history of the property, Barbara Zielstra will give an update on the Park District’s current work, and Vince Biciunas will briefly introduce the Master Plan, adopted last September by the City of Bellingham with input and support from the Park District Commissioners. It’s a quick past, present, future look at these forested wetlands we have paid, through the levy, to protect.

Informational links:

3. Update on the Jones subdivision, aka The Woods at Viewcrest

Informational links:

ENA 3/5/21 public comment letter on Jones Subdivision

City of Bellingham – The Woods at Viewcrest

Protect Mud Bay Cliffs website

Protect Mud Bay Cliffs December 22 update re: Developers’ 12/8/22 letter 

Nextdoor Group: Jones Subdivision on Mud Bay Cliffs

There will be a business meeting after these presentations.

ENA Annual Meeting Agenda – 2/16/2023

ENA Annual Meeting Minutes – 3/23/2022  To be approved

The meeting will conclude with nominations and elections for ENA Board members. Currently there are seven board members with five vacancies, and we hope some of our neighbors will consider joining the ENA Board.  There is one Annual Meeting per year unless a Special Meeting is called when an issue arises.

If you are interested in becoming involved in your neighborhood and would like more information on what is involved in being on the ENA Board, please send an email to

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

The ENA Board,

  • Sandie Koplowitz, ENA Secretary
  • Bob McCarthy, ENA Treasurer
  • Bill Beer, current MNAC Alternate (nominated for MNAC Representative)
  • Larry Horowitz, Planning and Land Use Chair
  • Terry Montonye
  • Paul Scott
  • Bill Wright


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News from our neighborhood MNAC Representatives

Dear Edgemoor Residents,

The Bellingham City Council is holding two public hearings on issues which may be of interest to you. The first is a remote hearing on August 29 at 7 pm, on the proposed Hundred Acre Wood Master Plan which includes the 82-acre Chuckanut Community Forest. Draft documents are located at Staff contact for this project is Nicole Oliver, Parks Director, 360-778-7013, or

The second is a hearing on zoning changes and regulations regarding mobile home parks. This hearing is September 12. Staff contact is Planner, McKayla Dunfey, who can be reached at 360-778-8355, or You may comment online by September 7 or testify live during the public hearing at https:/ If you want to join the public hearing, you can do so via More information is available at https:/ parks/.

In addition, your representatives to the Mayor’s Neighborhood Advisory Council (MNAC), Bill Beer and Barbara Ryan, have learned that many neighborhood associations hold neighborhood picnics. Some have regular neighborhood meetings, often with food. Some plant trees. If there is any interest in forming a committee to organize these activities, or other neighborhood events in the Edgemoor Neighborhood, please let either of us know.

Bill Beer (

Barbara Ryan (


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News update from ENA, April 2022

The ENA Annual Meeting, held on March 23, was a Zoom meeting attended by 32 people. The annual meeting minutes are online at

Thanks to everyone for attending the meeting. Speaker, Ted Carlson, from Sanitary Service Company, talked about single-stream recycling scheduled for a 6-month test in Edgemoor, starting soon. There was also a discussion about the proposed development of the Jones property on Viewcrest Road. Anyone wanting to follow the conversation can join the Jones Edgemoor Subdivision group on Nextdoor Edgemoor at You can also sign up for updates at

The proposed hotel development on 12th and Donovan was also brought up at the meeting. Several people voiced concern about the possibility of increased traffic and lack of parking for events scheduled at the hotel. Here are a few links for further information:

City of Bellingham Application:

Architectural renderings can be seen at:

Other local news of interest…

The City is hosting a volunteer work party on Saturday, April 23 from 9 a.m. to noon to restore habitat and improve water quality in Padden Creek. Volunteers are invited to meet in Fairhaven Park to remove invasive plants and spread mulch, which supports the growth of native plants in the area. All ages and abilities are welcome, and no previous volunteer experience is necessary. Tools, gloves, instruction, and snacks are provided, as well as free coffee donated by Woods Coffee and free pizza donated by Papa John’s Pizza. Please register in advance for this free event. Spots are limited! We hope to see you there. Sign up here:

This is one of several family-friendly activities the City is offering to celebrate Earth Day. Other activities include a community art project, photo contest, Children’s Storytimes, themed book lists for children and adults, self-guided tours, and more. Find a full list and details at

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