Edgemoor Neighborhood Sign Concepts

The ENA Sign Committee has worked with graphic designer, Bradley Lockhart, to create three final sign concepts for Edgemoor Neighborhood. Comments on the previous sign design were considered and elements of water, islands, an eagle and sailboat were added along with a more welcoming and authentic representation of the black tailed deer in our neighborhood. Once the final decision is made, the sign committee will work with Public Works to get sites at entrances to our neighborhood approved, printed and installed.

If you are on Nextdoor, please sign in and vote on your favorite (include link to post). The poll will be live for one week to give everyone time to weigh in. If you do not utilize Nextdoor Edgemoor, you can send an email to enaboard@edgemoorneighborhood.com and choose one of the following.

  1. Eagle, Sailboat and Black Tailed Deer
  2. Sailboat and Black Tailed Deer
  3. Eagle and Black Tailed Deer

Thank you for taking time to vote on your favorite.

The ENA Board

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