A Deer Debacle

Late this afternoon we saw the large buck come through our yard.  He doesn’t visit us all the time, but every time I see him, whether in our yard or wandering around the neighborhood, it gives me a thrill.  I had seen him this morning on my way to work, and, as always, he made me smile.  By the time he visited my yard, someone had shot an arrow into his hindquarters, where it still hung.  I first felt sick, and then very, very angry.   

Now don’t get me wrong…I have done my share of raging about deer eating my tulips in the spring, hostas in the summer and grapes in the fall…but it totally blows me away to think that someone would shoot him.  It’s like shooting your neighbor’s dog.  A number of names come to mind for the person who did so, but since we have etiquette rules for this blog, I can’t use them.

If the person who saw fit to launch an arrow at this animal thinks he/she was justified in doing so, I will be happy to post their response…over their name, of course.

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